Landscaping & Yard Cleanup

From shrub pruning to sod, we’ll help make your outdoor space one that’s worth spending time outdoors for. Please take a look at our Landscaping and Yard Cleanup services below.

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can help keep nature in its place. They can also reroute water to end up in the drain wells, as it should. Being aware of your yard’s natural formation could help you figure out what the best plan is for a retaining wall. Our professional crew can help you assess and implement the best option for your yard.


Curb appeal is just one way you can use a pathway. Having a great leading entrance into your home can help with resell or even growing old. Making sure that you have a great pathway that is easily accessible to all can help add value to your home, but also give you the functionality you may be looking for. We can help design and build the perfect pathway for you.


If you own a piece of land on one of Minnesota’s 15,000 lakes, you know the shoreline may not be exactly what you dreamt it to be. If your shoreline seems to be getting closer and closer to your house, riprap could be the answer. With a riprap installation, we could have your shoreline looking like it’s straight out of a postcard while keeping it in place and secured.


Landscaping can be tough, especially if you live through harsh Midwest winters. Mulching can help preserve your soil and the plants that hang out around it. When done properly, mulch can save you time later. It will cut down on time spent watering, weeding, and fighting pests. From picking out the right mulch for your yard to applying the mulch correctly, we are here to help.


If you just built a new house or you are looking to improve your current lawn, sod may be the right choice for you when looking to plant new grass. Depending on your yard’s natural formation, the seed could end up running into the road. Sod, however, will be sure to stay in place. If you are looking for a fast turn around time, sod is your answer to getting luscious, green grass.

Tree & Shrub Planting

Not only is it important to pick out the right trees and plants, but it is also vital to have them “installed” the correct way. If you didn’t know how to install a part on your car would you do it? The same goes for your yard! Our skilled team is here to help you plant your trees and shrubs efficiently and effectively.

Benefits Of Professional Landscaping

The outdoors can be both relaxing and rejuvenating in Minnesota. Whether you need a break from the chaos inside of your home or you want somewhere calming to take a break during work, a nicely landscaped yard can be instrumental to both your home and office. But, it is not always easy to maintain an outdoor oasis in MN. Securing a professional landscaping team to routinely care for your commercial or residential landscaping has many benefits.

Keep Your Space Always Looking It’s Best

Our highly trained team of landscapers will make sure all weeds are pulled and any dead or dying plants are removed. This will allow fresh flowers and plants to blossom creating a luscious outdoor space.

Save Valuable Time

Hiring a team to care for your landscaping will not only allow you more time with family, but it will also cut down on spring preparation. Properly caring for your landscape during the summer and fall will ease work trimming, pulling weeds, and removing debris for the next season.

Defeat the Weeds

Regular maintenance of your landscaping can help prevent weeds from popping up unexpectedly. It also helps prevent weeds from spreading to other areas of your lawn and garden, making room for a fresh new crop in the spring.

No More Overgrowth

Without regular pruning, some shrubs and flowers can grow out of control. In most cases, regular pruning will allow bushes to become thicker and more bountiful. Trimming flowering plants will also encourage them to bloom more often.

More Room for Creativity

When your landscaping is well kept, it leaves room for changes to be made. If you want to adapt the design of your landscaping, we can quickly rearrange a well-kept area to become the outdoor oasis you are dreaming of.