Storm Damage

Storm Damage Cleanup

We understand that storms can pop-up when you least expect them and cause unfortunate damage to your home, lawn, or outdoor space. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, we are here when nature strikes. It’s important to understand what to do if a storm comes your way, or how to help prevent any unnecessary damage in the first place.

After The Storm

When a strong enough storm comes through your neighborhood it can send branches and debris flying and can sometimes even take down full trees. With all of the hustle and bustle that goes with storm damage cleanup after a large storm, getting a tree off of your roof should be one less thing to worry about. In some cases, you may not have the tools, skills, or experience needed to quickly and carefully remove storm debris. We can help you get back to parking cars and bikes in the garage in a cinch.

Whether you have a full tree on top of your roof or you have branches and leaves spread throughout your yard, Skwira is here to help. Almost all tree clean up jobs can benefit from a professional tree service. It is important to not create further damage when removing fallen trees and debris. This can be a difficult task without proper equipment and training. Hiring a professional service can ease the stress of storm damage cleanup by providing fast, convenient, and trustworthy service.


Most home and business owners do not realize there are preventative measures they can take to avoid storm damage. Hiring a professional tree service to assess your trees before bad weather season hits can avoid a potential disaster. We can help trim off dead and weak branches which can strengthen the base and roots of the tree making it stronger against severe storms. Trimming can also allow branches to grow back stronger and more solid. Aside from strengthening the tree, trimming also leaves your trees looking more aesthetically pleasing increasing the value of your home. To read more about tree trimming click here (link to “Why Trim Your Trees” page).